09 January 2011 @ 12:24 pm
Symbolism in the Espada  
I was thinking about possible themes and symbolism associated with some of the Espada's resurreccións. Any additional thoughts on the Espadas I've discussed or the other Espadas are welcome.

With a resurrección named Los Lobos and one particular technique in his arsenal that involves a pack of wolves, it is very clear that Starrk is associated with certain characteristics of the animal itself. The most popular term associated with this animal is the idea of a "lone wolf," which corresponds with Starrk's aspect of death - solitude. A stereotype commonly attributed to the lone wolf is the idea of independence and a rebellious nature however, in actual fact, wolves have a strong social nature and sense of family. A lone wolf is in reality one that has been driven from the pack and, in most cases, will seek to join another pack or seek a mate to start a new pack of wolves. Starrk's character emphasizes a desire for companionship however his high spiritual power isolated him from being in the company of other Hollows, exiled from the "pack" so to speak.

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03 June 2010 @ 12:25 am
Relationship Dynamic: Nnoitra & Nel  
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Nnoitra in Bleach has been associated with the death aspect of despair and considering his view on the existence of hollows it's easy to see why he was assigned as such. But what bears mentioning and discussion is his relationship with Nel, which seems to have affected his character slightly if not offer a little more than just despair in his life.

As the most blatantly sexist character in Bleach, ironically or rather, befittingly, Nnoitra developed something of an inferiority complex to Nel, a woman, who was more powerful, physically and emotionally, than he was.

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