09 January 2011 @ 12:24 pm
Symbolism in the Espada  
I was thinking about possible themes and symbolism associated with some of the Espada's resurreccións. Any additional thoughts on the Espadas I've discussed or the other Espadas are welcome.

With a resurrección named Los Lobos and one particular technique in his arsenal that involves a pack of wolves, it is very clear that Starrk is associated with certain characteristics of the animal itself. The most popular term associated with this animal is the idea of a "lone wolf," which corresponds with Starrk's aspect of death - solitude. A stereotype commonly attributed to the lone wolf is the idea of independence and a rebellious nature however, in actual fact, wolves have a strong social nature and sense of family. A lone wolf is in reality one that has been driven from the pack and, in most cases, will seek to join another pack or seek a mate to start a new pack of wolves. Starrk's character emphasizes a desire for companionship however his high spiritual power isolated him from being in the company of other Hollows, exiled from the "pack" so to speak.

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