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quaint_twilight ([personal profile] quaint_twilight) wrote on February 28th, 2012 at 08:16 pm
A short Mirage audio drama
This is a short audio drama from the Cobalt Tokimeki Telephone Masterpiece CD. If you've read the chapter in Volume 24 where Naoe reacts with anger/grief over Kagetora's attempt to erase his memories, this should be familiar. I thought it'd be nice to hear an audio version of Naoe's lines especially since Hayami-san gives a particularly moving performance T_T

Cobalt Tokimeki Telephone Masterpiece - Onshuu no Mon
DL: Mediafire

Naoe's Monologue:
What did you just try to do, what were you trying to do! Were you going to erase my memories! Were you going to erase all my memories of you! Why did you do that!! Did you fully understand what you were about to do! What you did was worse than killing me, worse than leaving me behind! For the first time, I want to blame you for your weakness! You are the only one who will acquire satisfaction by this forced tranquility! If you want to leave, why can't you ask me to die together with you! This sort of sympathy is an act of violence! This act of violence is a greater crime than mass murder! I cannot forgive you for doing this! The most unforgivable thing in this world...!

I have decided that, no matter what happens from here onwards, I will bear anything that is born from these feelings. Because everything born from these feelings is a mark of my existence. Not even you have the right to take that away from me...
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