19 February 2010 @ 11:42 am
Galactic Thoughts III: Oskar von Reuenthal (& Wolfgang Mittermeyer)  
I'm definitely getting obsessed with this show, oh yes. It sucks that LotGH doesn't really have a sizable fandom or even much fanfiction.

Anyway, coming to Mittermeyer and Reuenthal, the twin stars of the Lohengramm Dynasty and two of the most important admirals in Reinhard's faction, second only to Kircheis. Their friendship is one to rival the bond between Reinhard and Kircheis.

Mittermeyer was the more simple-minded of the two, very down-to-earth, passionate and all-round nice guy despite his occasional tendency to resort to rash decisions made in a fit of anger or indignation. He grew up in a loving working-class family and was happily married to his childhood sweetheart. His life could almost be considered as very fulfilling, one which he conscientiously worked towards and thus achieved. Mittermeyer is a competent character but relatively less engaging when compared to the war titans and geniuses in this series. However, being more 'ordinary' should not be seen as a discredit. In some ways, Mittermeyer was to Reuenthal what Kircheis was to Reinhard, though they were not exactly similar. Mittermeyer wasn't as heavily burdened with depressing issues but Reuenthal was his greatest tragedy as much as Mittermeyer was Reuenthal greatest happiness in a life hampered by a problematic childhood.

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28 October 2009 @ 10:08 pm
Galactic Thoughts II - Imperial Characters  
If I were to rank my top 5 favorite LotGH characters, Yang would be the only FPA character to make the list. My fondness for Attenborough, Schenkopp and Cazellnu combined can't even compare with how much I love Reuenthal. It goes without saying that I absolutely adore the characters of the Empire, particularly the admirals under Reinhard's command. They're like the knights of the Lohengramm Dynasty, bound to honor and glory.

I'm not going to talk about every single admiral but all of them deserve a mention:
FLEET ADMIRALS - Wolfgang Mittermeyer & Oskar von Reuenthal
ADMIRALS - Fritz Josef Bittenfeld, Ernst von Eisenach, Adalbert von Fahrenheit, Cornelius Lutz, Neidhardt Muller, Karl Robert Steinmetz & August Samuel Wahlen
CHIEF OF STAFF - Paul von Oberstein

MAJOR SPOILERS from here on

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26 October 2009 @ 07:23 pm
Galactic Thoughts I - The Political Divide  
Finally found some time to make a series of posts post about this underappreciated masterpiece.

The moment I finished Legend of the Galactic Heroes (LotGH), I couldn't really think of anything to describe it mainly because my head so full of ideas and information that I couldn't even begin to form a coherent opinion. Now that I've seen the two LotGH movies (My Conquest is the Sea of Stars and Overture to a New War) and the Hundred Billion Stars; Hundred Billion Lights Gaiden OVAs, I am finally a little more organized in my thoughts.

What a ridiculously amazing anime.
In fact, this is possibly the best space opera I've ever seen. If you enjoy Babylon 5, BSG, Star Wars, Star Trek, or series that touch on war and politics with a strong human element, I highly recommend Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

LotGH is, without a doubt, EPIC in every sense of the word. Despite its length, the story moves at a relatively fast pace and not a single episode is wasted on filler material. LotGH takes you straight into the action from the get-go by opening in the middle of a war which has lasted for 150 years. Although I like war dramas, I'm not usually interested in the political side of things but LotGH has such a compelling narrative on the government systems of the dictatorial Galactic Empire and the democratic Free Planets Alliance that it's hard not to care about them. The anime doesn't try to drown the viewer with political jargon or convoluted conspiracies, but rather, present the advantages and shortcomings of the two different systems from a very human perspective.
"Sometimes I have my doubts. The Empire, with a few nobles ruling the masses, is a bad government. The Alliance, with a government chosen by the people, is badly governed. Which one do you think is wrong?" - Yang, on the Goldenbaum Dynasty and the FPA.

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