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labingi ([personal profile] labingi) wrote on September 2nd, 2017 at 07:08 am
Finally found a moment to read your review. I agree with every single thing you said about the acting. I think our views of the actors are pretty identical. By the way, I don't know if you've read that Naoe, Nagahide, and Kousaka are being recast in the fourth play. Naoe and Kousaka have been weak links, so I wonder if this is a move in response to that. I don't want to be overly optimistic and then disappointed, but I'm hoping for a more authentic Naoe.

I've had a thought about this. There was a blog post by Tomita that Imperfekti linked to/summarized in which he discussed the casting changes with what seems to me to be a very polite, professional, Japanese sense of worry and dismay. This certainly makes sense given the challenges of gelling with new actors in the midst of an ongoing set of productions. And I have the sense he is friends with Aramaki, so limp acting aside, he may just enjoy working with him. But my thought was it might be a nice gesture to write Tomita a brief fan letter saying thank you for all the work despite complications signed by a number of us fans from around the world. I haven't floated this on the forum yet, though it's been in my mind to do so. Thoughts?

Anyway, thanks for the low-down on the third play, which I don't have the DVD for yet. I'm a little disappointed to hear it's short stories, but you also whet my appetite for some of it.

I'm curious about how many plays they plan for the Showa era stuff. They seem to be pretty far away from concluding it, and I worry they'll run out of funding or just actor interest if it goes on for too many years. I'd rather it didn't end up in the air, but I'll take whatever they can produce!
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