12 August 2017 @ 06:07 pm
I saw Dunkirk yesterday and highly recommend it. It's very good across the board, gripping, gritty, and realistic. I have only two small quibbles: it was hard to hear the dialogue over the music and bombings. (My hearing is getting progressively worse, but my partner agreed.) The non-linear storytelling sometimes worked for me and sometimes was just a bit confusing. It didn't seem like a story that really needed non-linear storytelling to get the point across. Otherwise, it's an utterly fantastic look at the terrors of war and the courage of people pulling together in crisis. (Oddly, it made me think, "Maybe we can survive climate change.")

The film I am most reminded of is Grave of the Fireflies, though Dunkirk is about soldiers (mainly), not civilians; takes place over a day or so rather than months; and is not animated. It is, however, a story about the horrors of war with virtually no reference to the politics of war. The enemy is nothing but an implacable force raining down fiery hell. The whole story is from one side's perspective, but that's okay because that perspective is not used to project anything onto the other side; it's really just all about surviving hell and making us ponder why we put ourselves and fellow people into situations like this.
04 August 2017 @ 04:16 pm
(Fannish) Goals - recap for July  
On Day Three of [community profile] snowflake_challenge I set myself some goals for 2017, and here's what I did last month:

Post to one DW community I follow at least once a month.
So, I totally nailed that one this month! *g* I posted not one, not two, but three entries in [community profile] earth_final_conflict! And I hope I'll continue like this, and maybe even step up the game some.

Make some fannish posts to my own journal at least once a month.
Like last month, nothing to write home about, really. I expressed some mildly delighted surprise at having fallen back into MCU fandom again. In case you're wondering, that's where I still am right now. *g*

Go to the gym or get some other exercise at least once a week.
I started taking long-ish walks again, walking through the first one - two kilometres of pain until my ankle was nice and warm and stopped hurting. Went well for the first three weeks of the month, but now that the weather has taken a turn to storms and flooding, I'm less successful. I did walk some more while my car was in the shop, but that barely counts in my book.

Stick to my new financial plan, but try to save up money for traveling again.
Meh. Taking my car to the shop put a serious dent into my savings. I knew I had to do the brakes some time this year, but it came earlier than expected. I really hope I won't need to cancel my trip to Scotland...
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